How to Make Your Dating Profile Look Attractive

Geplaatst op 17-03-2023

Categorie: Lifestyle

Like any smart man and or woman, it’s always best to be fully prepared for when it comes to going into the dating world. You got to make sure you got all the right plans and advice and thought processes going. So here’s a few tips you’ll like, all of which will give you that edge needed.

So firstly, we got ourselves the hook. No matter what you may think, and trash all those ‘looks don’t matter’ talks out the window for this, your profile picture is what will hook people into your profile. The information on the profile is only the second thing they will see. So whether you like it or not, if you want results it’s all about your profile picture at first. So you got to make sure you be thoughtful when posting those pictures up on it. Yeah, all that other information about you such as plans, passions and hobbies is important and should be done just as carefully as your picture, but the picture makes the biggest impact. For you men out there you got to make sure you tidy up. Clean yourself, shave if you got that nine o’clock shadow going. Wear your non-wrinkled clothing and all that jazz. For you women, every man likes some skin showing, but added to that posting more than one picture is a real smart thing to do. They like to see different angles and stuff of the like. Shoot for the best pictures you got or make some that should make you look cute and attractive. Make sure each one is unique as well. You don’t want to look the exact same in all of them, that adds no flare to it. But don’t change so much that you look like a totally different person. And please don’t use outdated photos. No one wants to see what you looked like 5-10 years before you made the profile. And meeting would make that even more weird. The goal is to meet, so don’t mess with their heads!

Honesty is by far the best weapon you got to use when creating your profile. Last thing you want to do is start writing fiction or fantasy. This is about YOU and if YOU want a real connection with someone or relationship YOU better write about YOURSELF and not some fantasy character. People aren’t dumb and it won’t take long to realize when you’re lying to them. If you’re not one that likes to be lied to, don’t lie to the whole dating community. If looking for a date, being dubbed a liar isn’t probably the best date you had in mind, so lay off the lying and write about who you really are. Be honest, tell the truth. Let them all know what you really enjoy in life and hope that in the end that will be enough for that special someone to find you. After all, that is the goal here.

Now, in the real world of physical dating, people like to come up with some real weird, silly games to play by. Such as the ‘Don’t call until three days after the first date’, which to me is completely pointless, by that time she/he could have been on 3 other dates. But that’s just me, play the date game how you like, but in the world of online dating its a whole different playing field. There’s literally hundreds searching daily. If someone contacts you its best to reply as soon as you can, otherwise those hundreds others could have contacted the one that contacted you. And if you wait you can easily lose out on someone special. So don’t try to act cool and don’t use the physical dating games rules here. It’s best to be speedy, keep that in mind.

Who wants to date someone so negative that it literally feels like your losing your life force and may end up dead by the end of the date? Not me, and I’m sure no one else. When your dating or writing your profile don’t list phobias, nightmares or past horrible ex experiences. No one wants to hear or read that the first time they see you. Save it for a phobia, nightmare and past ex experiences talk down the road, until then this is not the place for it. You want to be positive during the date, keep him/her entertained, not dreading it. Keep your profile positive, look at the positives in life when writing it. Once they get lured in by your pictures, a negative profile will make them leave quicker than just about anything else.

So be honest, don’t be negative, follow the online dating rules, not the physical ones and lastly get yourself the hook. With these in mind when you work on your profile or when dating, you will be the best you can be. If the date doesn’t work out then it wasn’t meant to be, there’s always more fish in the sea.